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  • Healthy Living Today Forward

    Helping you with your Goals! 

    We look forward to seeing you all at our current and upcoming “Healthy Living Today Forward Events”.

    Our focus will be nutrition, hydration, exercise, and sleep. 

    Movement of any type makes your body more healthy on the inside and out!

    Not everybody likes to hear or read the word exercise, so we will discuss ways to keep you active and in motion.

    Here are some ways to increase your wellbeing and even get back some of those youthful feelings. 

    Breathing deep; relaxes you and make your lungs stronger!

    Stretching; relaxes you and improves your flexibility.

    Hydration is important for your body to function properly. 

    Your body is made of mainly water. Water is needed to help with your body's:
    - temperature regulation
    - cellular function
    - waste removal

    Are you staying hydrated?
    If you are unable to drink enough water then try these tips:
    - eat fruit
    - eat vegetables
    - flavor your water

    Sleep is need to help reset your clock!

    Did you know your body goes into repair mode while you sleep?

    Nutrition means something different to everyone. No two bodies are the same.

    "Eat for your body type" is the best Nutritional advice one can hear and do for themselves.

    Blueberries are packed with antioxidants; however if you are allergic to them there are other sources.

    There is a Dirty Dozen and a Clean 15 list that is provided every year. Do you know what they are?


    Our goal is to help our communities to become heathier today forward.

    We are always inviting speakers and venders that offer products or services that align with health and wellness. Although our focus will be nutrition, exercise, sleep and hydration there are many other aspects to health and wellness. 

    If you have any suggestion and/or questions please let us know. Also if you know of any other speakers and/or vendors that may have products or services that may fit within the health and wellness category please feel free to forward my contact information.  

    Contact Melissa Machtemes at 605-350-4699 regarding our current and upcoming seminars, workshops, and meetings.

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